Meet The Owner

PASSION ( for what we do ) + DRIVE ( to do better ) + COMMITMENT ( to you )

Founder of Work&Tot + Mom

Anna Golda Yu

Anna is a local mom with a background in business and not-for-profit management, combined with her past experience working as a teacher’s assistant in a preschool and years of tutoring, she saw an opportunity to fill a void experienced by many parents just like her.


When Anna’s son, a very energetic little boy, was born in 2016 he tested his mama like nothing else ever had. Quickly she realized that meeting deadlines and being productive while caring for a child was the most stressful she has ever been. Having looked but being unable to find flexible, affordable and reliable childcare tailored to parents looking to just catch up on work without interruptions, the idea for Work & Tot was born. 


Now she is proud to serve her community of fellow mothers and fathers by offering them a co-working & play-care space designed especially with parents and little ones in mind.


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