* Drop-ins are possible only if space permits and you must register online prior to your arrival.
** Limited Drop Off for kids 5 and under. Flexible Drop Off for kids 6 and older, please inquire.

Private Parent Supervised Play Passes:

* Drop-ins or Private Bookings are possible ONLY if space permits.
On certain Days Private Booking Hours are expanded please follow us on Social Media for Updates 
All private bookings are made by phone/txt or e-mail: or 347-612-8894


Virtual Learning POD
Pre-K - 3rd Grade

We know trying to balance work, parenting & now remote learning can turn into a juggling act, we are here to help parents with all three!


Based on your feedback, we adapted our space, installed extensive safety measures, and reconfigured our services in order to help parents, like you, do it all ... with a little help from us!

Some of the biggest challenges of virtual learning include keeping kids engaged and excited about subjects and concepts they are learning. We believe that kids learn best when they are having fun and we use every tool at our disposal including age specific: hands on experiments, team projects, art, craft, trivia, scavenger hunt and much more to not only supplement their school work but to help them understand challenging concepts such as fractions, additions, storytelling, gravity, ecosystem and much more through play, exploration and teamwork.


What sets Work @ Tot - Virtual Learning Pod apart is that we we work with families within each pod to customize the curriculum outside of virtual learning and homework to include projects and activities in: Language Arts, Math, Science, Art, Socialization and Mindfulness in order to get kids excited about learning. We also offer use of co-working space to parents located right on premises, as well as, limited drop off for kids 5 and under and flexible drop off for kids 6 and older.


Please inquire with any questions or to learn more about our learning pod:


There are FOUR booking options currently available to kids from Pre-K to 3rd Grade*:

To minimize overlapping, please Arrive & Depart in accordance with your booking time.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We keep our group size small, never more than 4 kids & 1 play-educator per any session.

  • Parents can visit our play area or use a designated tablet in the co-working space to check on their kids at any time.

  • Flexible Drop Off available for kids 6 years old and older (please inquire).

  • Limited Drop Off available for kids 5 years old and under (please inquire).

  • We offer a great variety of supplemental learning materials, projects, hands on activities in Art & Craft, as well as, S.T.E.A.M to help reinforce material covered in virtual learning.

  • Supervised open play offers responsible socializing and imaginative play in a space custom build for kids.

  • Space gets cleaned and disinfected prior, after and throughout the day by hand and using air filtration systems that run around the clock.

  • If we can coordinate schedules with 4 families or 4 kids (in total), we can create a Private Learning Pod, where kids play, learn and socialize with the same group of kids on a consistent basis.

  • There is no long-term commitment.

  • $17.5 per hour

  • Sibling Add-On: $95

  • Help with Virtual Learning 

  • Active Play 

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Use of Co-Working Space for the parent



8:30am - 2:30pm
$105plus tax
1 Adult + 1 Child
(Pre-K - 3rd Grade)



8:30am - 2:30pm
$925plus tax
1 Adult + 1 Child
(Pre-K - 3rd Grade)
  • $15.4 per hour

  • Sibling Add-On: $900

  • Help with Virtual Learning

  • Active Play 

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Use of Co-Working Space for the parent

  • ~$13.6 per hour

  • Sibling Add On $1650

  • Help with Virtual Learning

  • Active Play 

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Use of Co-Working Space for the parent



(Monday - Friday)

8:30am - 2:30pm
$1800plus tax
1 Adult + 1 Child
(Pre-K - 3rd Grade)



$50per session
1 Adult +  1 Child

  • $25 per hour

  • Homework Assistance

  • Learn Through Play

  • Movement Breaks

  • Limited Drop Off (inquire) 

  • Use of Co-Working Space for the parent

  • Socks for kids are required

  • You must bring laptops/iPads, chargers and anything else a child may require for their remote class

  • We will need your child’s schedule and log in information prior to their arrival

  • Parents are welcome to bring a snack and/or lunch for their child and themselves

    (there is a mini fridge & microwave on premises)

  • Masks are required in all common areas for kids & parents, but can be removed at the desk

  • Upon arrival, adults & kids, must have their temperature checked & hands washed/sanitized

  • Earphones or noise cancelling headphones are encouraged, we have several available on site and they get disinfected in between users

As we face a future that’s anything but normal, our goal is to normalize as much as possible for the kids while ensuring everyones safety, and to continue to expand our offerings both in person and online to both parents and their little ones. 


Pre-Registration that includes Health Survey for Parents and Child/Children is required and can be done online.


All Family Passes are offered as either drop off or parents get complimentary access to the co-working space. 


Parents can choose from enrollment on Daily or Monthly bases. Each 6hr Session starts at 8:20am and ends at 2:30pm.


Monthly options include:

- Flexible 10 session pass that offers flexible access to the Kid Space 10 days per month

- Monthly Extended Pass offers Monday through Friday access to the Learning Pod and the Play Area.

Families, have the option to enroll their child in our 'After School Program' from 3-5pm. When booked together with our Family Pass kids can stay for the duration of the day.


Each ‘Tot @ Work Pass’ applies to a single child and a single parent. 

However when enrolled in a weekly or a monthly pass, parents who accompany a child, and utilize co-working space and amenities can alternate. 

A second parent is always welcome to book Adult Only Pass if space permits. 

Private Bookings for kids under 4 are possible and are based on space availability, please inquire for details and pricing.


We ask that all members arrive on time and stay no later than their scheduled time in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Thank you.