Party Themes

We take themes very seriously!

At Work & Tot, your party theme sets the stage for the full scope of activities carried out at your child’s birthday party!


Exploration and discovery engage kids' minds and feeds their curiosity like nothing else. Our Play-Educators set up age-appropriate S.T.E.A.M activities, scavenger hunts, trivia and much more in our Play-Space. Kids not only have fun but they discover teamwork and learn about all the wonders that surround them! 


Sometimes there is nothing more fun than getting your hands a little bit dirty or showing off the power of imagination. Our Play-Space gets transformed into a workshop with hands-on activities such as slime making, cape/mask/wand decorating and much more. Kids get to create a treasured keepsake and share their vision with their family and friends!


Birthdays are all about play, and here’s a way to not help kids release some of that excess energy but to fill our Play-Space with giggles and laughter. We rearrange our play area to accommodate a balloon or a bubble party, a dance masquerade or open play to make everyone happy and excited and we play, play, play!!!!


Towards the end of the party, we serve pizza and juice to the kids in the Play-Area before reuniting all the little ones with their parents in the Grownup-Space. Their kids and families get to mingle and take photos by our photo backdrop before we bring out the cake, sing a Happy Birthday song and hand out Party Favors!!

Exclusive Party Themes

*Only with 'TOT'al Package


Magic Forest

Childhood dreams and make-believe take refuge in a Forest where Magic is real. Here mermaids and unicorns and creatures that fly, like fairies and dragons can do impossible things. All we ask is that you believe and are ready to play!

Heroes & Villains

Some heroes wear capes and not all villains are bad!! It’s for you to decide if you’d rather chase robbers in the Wild Wild West or through the mean city streets. Or perhaps your secret wish is to discover a superpower that was in you all along. But there is no shame if in fact, you were team Descendant all along!

Space Adventure

Fly me to the moon, or meet Martians on mars. Your imagination takes flight when you look at the stars! Here imagination meets science, to make impossible real ... and if you promise to be brave, we invite you to join us and Buzz and fly ... up, up and beyond!!

Are You My Monster?

Some monsters growl and others roar, they hide in the dark and just wait ... for a friend to show up!! Each of the monsters is just as unique like a little boy or a girl who is ready to call them their own. We will go on adventures in mythical land ... perhaps under the bed, where toys come alive and play with you until sunrise!


Party Activities

1st Birthday

Suggested Activities

  • Sensory Wiggle Party

  • Hand Print Workshop

  • Bubble Party

  • Selfie Party - Milestone Book

2 Years & Up

Suggested Activities

  • Cookie Decorating Workshop

  • Edible Painting Art Workshop

  • Mask Making Workshop

  • Masquerade Story Time

3 Years & Up

Suggested Activities

  • Magic & Potions Workshop

  • Play-Doh Unicorns / Dinosaurs

  • Sensory Bottles

  • Fairy Wing / Cape Decorating

4 Years & Up

Suggested Activities

  • Custom Wand Decorating

  • Flubber Potion Workshop

  • Slime Making Workshop

  • Snow Globe Workshop

5 Years & Up

Suggested Activities

  • Mystery Party

  • Custom S.T.E.A.M Activity

  • Art Party / Face Tattoos

  • Monster Scavenger Hunt

*'Tot'al Package includes a choice of (1) activity 

Have a theme in mind?

We can customize and bring your theme to life! Call us at (347) 612-8894

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