This unique program introduces kids to the world of entrepreneurship in a way that’s not only fun & engaging but also is tailored to inspire young minds while giving kids the tools needed to pursue their dreams, improve confidence & become more resilient! 💡 


In this Summer Workshop Series kids will learn the basics of starting a business from scratch:

- 🔍 discover their passions

- 💡 identify winning ideas

- 💭 think creatively

- 🤔 organize their thoughts & work process

- 🎤 learn to communicate their ideas

- ⏰ manage their time

- 👥 work in teams

- 🤔 conduct research

- 📦 😉 think outside the box

- 💵 understand basics of financial literacy

- 👩‍🏫 create a pitch

- 💰 raise funds



🌟 Realize that their age is an asset & it’s never too early to begin developing ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET that will serve them not only in school but in life.