Our Story

The idea for WORK & TOT came out of sheer necessity when the owner, Anna, became a new mother. Working from home, she had to juggle the challenge of caring for her newborn son while still trying to be productive for work. As she moved through a blur of nap times and late nights, there never seemed to be enough time to finish anything.

Anna saw an opportunity to provide a much-needed service for working parents. She could marry the benefits of both an open floor co-working office with supervised on-site play-care service. A space that would allow fellow parents to maintain their professional lives while still meeting their responsibilities to the family. 

More than just a cozy space where parents can work, study, or take a conference call, Work & Tot is growing into a much-needed resource, offering workshops, classes, and events to help connect parents in both formal and informal settings. 

Our mission is to offer parents a convenient and affordable option for part-time childcare while they work on-site. Whether they need just a few hours or longer, they can now get everything done on their own time. 


During evening hours and on weekends Work & Tot space can be booked for private events with optional childcare where adults can relax and catch up, including birthdays, baby showers, potlucks and other personal and professional catered gatherings and celebrations. 


“Together as a community, we really can make it WORK and be there for our TOTs. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.”

Our Mission

Work & Tot’s Mission is to provide the space, the resources, and the support for parents looking for a better way to balance caring for their kids while maintaining their careers, studies and other social and professional obligations.

The Team

PASSION ( for what we do ) + DRIVE ( to do better ) + COMMITMENT ( to you )

Founder of Work&Tot + Mom

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